Our Mission

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide prevention, treatment; recovery support and re-entry services that promote health and wellness in order to help children, families and communities acquire and maintain healthy and productive lifestyles.

We envision communities where abstinence from the use of alcohol and illicit drug use is viewed as a healthy, normal and acceptable lifestyle choice. Moreover, we envision communities where youth and adults understand that substance use disorders constitute debilitating behavioral problems that can be prevented and successfully treated.

Our Purpose

Our primary purpose is to provide community-based prevention, treatment and recovery support services for youth and adults through the delivery of a multi-disciplinary, recovery-oriented systems of care approach that provides a client-centered continuum of services.

Our Philosophy

Our basic philosophy embraces a belief that addiction is a primary, progressive, chronic, and treatable illness that affects the total person, and has physiological, psychological, social-cultural and spiritual components that requires a holistic treatment and recovery support approach.

UMADAOP Lucas County Recovery-Oriented

Systems of Care (ROSC) Model for Youth and Adults

In 2012, UMADAOP Lucas County adopted the evidence-based, SAMHSA, CSAT, Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) model for prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery management services provided by UMADAOP Lucas County. The Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care modeled programs are designed to provide local, recovery-oriented systems of care service modeled programming to address prevention, treatment and recovery support needs by supporting person-centered and self-directed approaches for substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery support services for youth and adult clients. Operating under the umbrella of UMADAOP Lucas County all of the Recovery Center programs share a purpose to provide integrated and comprehensive community-based responses to well-documented substance abuse prevention and treatment needs in order to improve the quality, intensity and cost-effectiveness of prevention programs and sub-acute treatment services.


The Recovery Center of UMADAOP Lucas County provides prevention (including community-wide information and education campaigns), outpatient treatment and recovery support for clients that are referred by local organizations, including schools, criminal justice agencies, grass-roots, faith and community-based programs, and recovery service organizations. The Recovery Center provides evidence-based services to support person-centered and self-directed approaches to care that build on the personal responsibility, strengths, and resilience of individuals, families, and communities to achieve sustained health, wellness, and recovery from alcohol and other drug problems. The Recovery Center programs operate within the context of the ROSC model and uses a public health model that delivers a recovery-oriented approach that aims to close the continuum gap between prevention, treatment and recovery support services.


The Recovery Center programs offer a full array of prevention, treatment and recovery support services that encourage people and families to maintain healthy lifestyles and to complete treatment and sustain their recovery across the lifespan. This includes providing peer recovery coaches, and including other organizations that can provide needed services for prevention, early intervention and treatment clients.

2019 UMADAOP Statewide Conference
September 11-13th Toledo, Ohio 

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