First Haven Women’s Program

The First Haven Women’s Program

The First Haven Women’s Program of UMADAOP Lucas County provides gender-specific, outpatient treatment services for adolescent females and adult women. A primary aim is to help adolescent females and women learn to make positive choices to maintain sobriety by avoiding the use of alcohol or other drugs that contribute to addictive and unhealthy lifestyles. First Haven also encourages women to remain engaged and complete treatment programs. The program helps to alleviate many of the adversities that substance abusing women face. Women who are pregnant and use alcohol or other drugs can receive immediate assistance to help them acquire access to appropriate health care facilities. Case management services are provided to assist them during their pregnancy and to aid their ability to care for their other children with appropriate support.

The First Haven Women’s Program provides services for adult and adolescent African American females who are living in conditions that are often framed by poverty and self-destructive lifestyle choices. Many clients are lacking family and financial support, information, education and access to services that will help them meet the challenge of avoiding of alcohol and other drugs, sexual abuse, or abusive relationships. The program provides transportation, parenting classes, assistance with accessing appropriate medical, mental health, social services, child care, life skills training, and information on obtaining benefits and such as affordable housing and other vital social services. The hours of operation are 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday- Friday

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