Opiate and Heroin Initiative

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Community Education Campaign

Lucas County Opiate & Heroin Initiative

UMADAOP Lucas County facilitates a population-based, community-wide prevention program to address the opiate and heroin crisis occurring throughout Lucas County. UMADAOP Lucas County serves as a lead organization for the project. It includes the following organizations as its partners; Harbor Behavioral Health and the Sylvania Community Action Team. Working in close collaboration, these organizations generate a massive population-based information and education initiative through the mobilization of each organization's extensive, county-wide network. The project, entitled “The Lucas County Opiate and Heroin Initiative” employs evidence-based strategies that seek to stem the growth of the opiate and heroin epidemic while leveraging resources in order to effect population-based change throughout the county.

The Lucas County Opiate and Heroin Initiative goals and objectives include an extensive range of campaign service strategies including, but not limited to, facilitating trainings with local medical and pharmaceutical personnel, large scale radio, television, print news and social media campaigns, and community-based town hall meetings to engage the public to spread the word throughout the entire county that illicit drug use can be deadly and that help is readily available.

UMADAOP Lucas County spearheads a county-wide campaign that targets those at risk of overdose while promoting population-based changes that can reduce the illicit use of heroin and opiates. The project promotes public awareness that opiate abuse is a preventable public health problem. It distributes a vast amount of educational materials to increase public awareness in order to reduce the stigma associated with being a consumer of substance abuse treatment services. It also promotes efforts to reduce access to lethal means and methods of self-harm, by helping to inform individuals about the overdose reversal drug NARCAN and medication assisted treatment (MAT) used for the delivery of effective treatment for opiate addiction.

Needs & Characteristics of the

Population Served

Provides prevention information and education for residents of all ages that reside throughout Lucas County in Ohio to inform and educate them about the dangers associated with the use or misuse of prescription pain pills and heroin addiction that can result from addiction to opiates and opioids.


To prevent addiction and overdoses from the use or misuse of prescription pain pills (opioids) and heroin among Lucas County Ohio residents.

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