Youth gun violence and becoming a victim of gun violence creates long-term suffering, or even fatal consequences that affect youth, families, communities and cities. This is particularly true for African American males. Homicide is the leading cause of death for African American male youth ages 10 to 24, with the large majority of homicides committed using firearms. Law enforcement data indicates that a small number of individuals are responsible for the
overwhelming majority of firearms violence. Youth who are responsible gun violence typically also commit other crimes and are often victims of violence themselves.

  • ​Gun Violence is not normal. Gun Violence is learned behavior that can be changed.

  • Gun Violence can be significantly reduced if not completely eliminated.

  • The communities and neighborhoods most impacted must provide positive opportunities for male youth, in order for gun violence to be reduced and eliminated.

  • To be successful at changing our current reality around gun violence, we have to commit to saving the lives of young men.

  • Young men "caught up in"a lifestyle of gun violence are worth saving, and most can be saved. Read what some of them have said...

UMADAOP Lucas County


"If I don't go looking for things to happen, things won't happen."

"I've seen the path I was on and it almost brings tears to my eyes."

"I want a different life and the opportunity to leave the streets."

"I've changed, I don't carry guns, and I don't hang with guys with guns."

"I ain't strapped and I don't sell weed, I'm out of that."

"I don't want to be a statistic."

"Life is totally different now, I live without fear of being shot and killed."

"I started caring about how my life was affecting my mother."

"I was going to end up behind bars or in a casket, and you can't take that back."

"Someone needs to reach these young men, or they're going to die or kill someone on the streets".

Each One - Reach One- Teach One

One Drop...A Single Drop of Water...Combined with countless Others...Can Become a Tidal Wave.

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